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Denver Wedding Planner

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

I’ve always had a deep passion for organizing details. My years in banking and hospitality operations have given me skills to bring many details together and make everything run smoothly. I believe in producing perfection. With this philosophy in mind I co-founded Platinum Elegance Weddings & Events in 2004 and have since gained many valuable connections with industry-leading experts and vendors that share my drive for perfection. I make it my personal responsibility to ensure your wedding is even more perfect than you imagined!


Co-founder , Certified Planner and Organization Expert

Turning a Vision into Reality

I am completely wedding obsessed! I've always loved weddings but didn't know I'd get the pleasure of planning so many.  I fell in love with wedding planning when I was asked to be the maid of honor in my cousin's wedding. I had never planned a party before but I had to plan the bridal shower. I was hooked immediately on the details and little things that make an event special.  After earning my degree in accounting I co-founded Platinum Elegance in 2004 and earned my certification as an international, intercultural wedding planner soon after. Wedding design is my passion and specialty. I can't wait to create an amazing wedding with you. 


Co-founder , Certified Planner and Design Specialist

Denver Wedding Planner
Denver Colorado Wedding Planner

Making Dreams Come True


I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado a place that I love just as much as I love wedding and event planning.  My love for planning started for me when my eighth-grade class was asked to plan a luncheon for the parents of the preschooler we tutored once per week.   I instantly fell in love with all that’s involved with planning a successful event, and I haven’t lost that feeling to this day.  Even though I didn’t start planning professionally until five years ago, I have planned many, many special events and weddings over the years.  As a certified Wedding and Event Planner, I have had the pleasure of working along the side of some of the best wedding and event vendors in the business.  I truly believe planning is in my blood.  I have experienced planning all types of events, however, planning weddings are my true love!  There’s nothing better than helping couples plan the wedding of their dreams.


Certified Planner and Wedding Industry Specialist

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